Lawyer Mirsad has been working for the judiciary since 2009. Thanks to many years of experience and work on the most complex cases, responsibility, knowledge and flexibility, the law office of Mirsad Crnovršanin is focused on a direct approach in resolving each individual case of the office. Areas in which we have specialized knowledge in the provision of legal services relate to the field of criminal and criminal procedure law, copyright, administrative and misdemeanor law.

In addition to the Bosnian language, the law office continuously provides its services in English and German.

Lawyer Mirsad Crnovršanin graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Sarajevo in 2008, and earned his master’s degree in 2014, defending a topic entitled “New incriminations of terrorist activities in modern criminal legislation.”

From 2009 until today, M.Sc. Mirsad Crnovršanin is a participant in numerous domestic and international conferences (OSCE, UNODC, IRI, IOM, RCC; IIJ) where he provides expert advice in the field of international humanitarian law, criminal and criminal procedure law.

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Law Office Mirsad Crnovršanin